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Kittens and bouncing robins

Turns out Muffin is pregnant! I'm beyond excited and I'm already making lists of the names I had knocking about so that they're grouped into sex, markings and colours. The vet said she'll most likely give birth at the end of February, but there is a small chance of them being a bit late. She also said that if I have any concerns over Muffin's motherly instinct I should ring, but I'm not too worried; she keeps grooming me!

My parents are going out for Christmas dinner so I'm going to be left in the house again. They promised me they wouldn't do this again and that they'd never repeat last Christmas. Pah. Mum started with the whole 'you're such a big girl now, Laura' crap earlier and I guess it was pretty much inevitable. However, this means that I'll be able to walk around in my underwear and smoke all day.

I went for a walk today and a little robin started hopping along the fence with me, which was nice.
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