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Almost a day late, I know, but happy new year to you all. I hope 2012 started very well for you and that it will bring happiness and joy and love etc. So far, I must admit that my 2012 has been, well, um, crap. We're only a day and twenty hours in (I think, don't hold me to this) and I'm hating it already. Ah, well. Can't be much worse than 2011.

The x key has fallen off my laptop and I think my cat's taken it somewhere to either play with it or kill it. Hopefully I'll find it before I find myself in dire need of it, because it's getting increasingly difficult to type with big gap on my keyboard.

I don't have it in me to read much at the minute. That's a shame, really, because I always leave myself in the middle of a fic or book and then forget about it completely. I will resume my reading habits. Eventually.
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